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Workshop: Digital Archiving and Preservation Collaboration in Asia-Pacific 

Shoichiro Hara and Shigeo Sugimoto

Track I: Project Proposals for Regional Collaboration

Use of Assistive Technology in Public Libraries: Developing an Implementable Model for Inclusive Public Library System in India and Thailand
Anand Dodamani, Mallikarjun Angadi, and Sujin Butdeesuwan

Embedding and Integrating Employability in the LIS Programme: A Comparative Study of India and Thailand
Akhilesh K.S. Yadav, Mallikarjun Angadi, and Kulthida Tuamsuk

Web-based Information Services for Social Sciences Institutions in India and Thailand
J. Shivarama and Nirupama Rajesh

Evidence-Based Learning of Academic Report Writing in English
Christopher Khoo and Sujata Surinder Kathpalia

Track III: Research Paper

Knowledge, Frequency of Use, and Challenges Faced in the Use of E-resources at UPHSD-Calamba Library, Philippines
Roi Louise P. Afuron and Ma. Lindie D. Masalinto

Migration to Digital and Virtual Environment and Its Impact on Academic Library Services and Utilization in the Context of Higher Education Patron Needs
K. Chinnasamy

Relevance Judgment and Its Influencing Factors in the Context of Aggregated Search for Scholarly Information
Roi Louise P. Afurong

Track III: Ph.D. Symposium

Creation of a Japanese Typeface Designed for Readers with Dyslexia
Xinru Zhu, Shohei Yamada and Kyo Kageura

Information Use in Argumentation In Research Papers
Wei-Ning Cheng

Development of Metadata Scheme for Intangible Cultural Heritage Management
Supasinee Wichean and Lampang Manmart

The Development of Records Classification Schemes in Universities of Thailand
Suchada Surangkul, Vispat Chaichuay and Lampang Manmart

Study on the Application of Digital Humanities to Local Gazetteers
Shun-Hong Sie and Hao-Ren Ke

E-book Management in Thai Academic Libraries
Tidarat Sarapol and Lampang Manmart

Human Capital Management Model in the University for Local Development
Bussakorn Chantewanumas and Kulthida Tuamsuk

Organizing Digital Cultural Heritage Resources on Networked Information Environments
Chiranthi Wijesundara and Shigeo Sugimoto

Library Social Project for the Development of Society
Muhammad Ali Mahdi and Tamara Adriani Susetyo-Salim

Library Services Model for Students with Disabilities in Thai Academic Libraries
Prasit Pratumrat and Kulthida Tuamsuk

Innovative Reference Service Model for Academic Libraries in Thailand
Kittiya Suthiprapa and Kulthida Tuamsuk

Modeling the Relationship of Different Affecting Factors on Reading Engagement and Learning Achievement
Joyce Chao-Chen Chen, Christopher Khoo Soo Guan and Vincent Tsung-Yeh Lee

Track II : Reports on existing /Completed Collaborative Projects

Information Sharing Behavior on Social Networking Sites: Comparison Across Seven Campuses: Report of Phase 1 Questionnaire Survey
Christopher Khoo, Kiran Kaur, Dong Geun Oh, Emi Ishita, Joyce Chao Chen Chen, Laksana Thaotip, and Ramaiah Chennupati

Metadata for Cultural Resources in Asia-Pacific : from Cultural Heritage to Pop-culture
Shigeo Sugimoto


9th Asia Library and Information Research Group Workshop

Table of Contents

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